Cremation & Burial

Burial or Cremation?

Many people express their preference for burial or cremation before they die and if you know their preference we can arrange the funeral accordingly. Otherwise, it is up to you to decide.


For a burial, we need to know if a new grave is required or if there is an existing family plot. If your family does not have a cemetery plot we can help you select a burial plot or crypt for your loved one.


For cremation, you need to consider how you would like to lay the cremated remains – commonly referred to as ashes – to rest. You can choose from several options including a crematorium space, placing the cremated remains in a lawn cemetery or an urn, and memorialisation of your loved one.

We are available to discuss these options with you when the time arises.

Religious and cultural considerations

Cremation is allowed by most Christian denominations, including the Roman Catholic Church, and is the normal choice of Sikhs, Hindus and Parsees. However, Orthodox, Muslims and some other religions forbid it.